Drawings and Paintings

"[Shlomith Haber-Schaim] presents landscapes...executed in a style that combines drawing and painting, representation and metaphor. These are sublime works of art to which Haber-Schaim brings rigorous training, physical exuberance and thoughtful intelligence. In her paintings plowed fields meet a veiled sky and air turns into water. The visible emerges slowly and meaning emerges even more slowly. Haber-Schaim paints at the service of painting. The works of art...are an affirmation of the human spirit created by an artist at the top of her game. Haber-Schaim utilizes a distinctive painterly vocabulary. The division of space into an upper and lower half, the tension between flat planes and deep space, and the exploration of the possibilities of a single color of paint have become her essential language...The physical presence of each painting is vigorous and affecting."

- Barbara O'Brian, curator of contemporary art, and director of Trussman Gallery, Simmons College. Excerpt from Revealing&Concealing exhibition catalogue essay, October, 2000

"[Haber-Schaim's work] reflects the splendid energy of an artist who is aware of her power! The result is an art which radiates a kind of exhilaration that is very rare."

- Harold Tovish, artist and sculptor, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Beckstoffer-Hunter exhibition poster, October,1971


"Her lyric abstractions fall somewhere between Zaritzky, Fima, Hans Hoffman, and Raffi Lavie without actually resembling any of them. She virtually outdoes both Raffi and Fima at their own game in the marvelous coloration and free handling. The gentle monotype color prints painted directly on successive plates are technically dazzling and are consistently even in standards of transparency and tone. She says it all wonderfully well in her own individual manner."

- Mike Ronen, The Jerusalem Post "New in Jerusalem", February 1979

"Her alternate use of opaque and translucent, heavy and glowing colors interacts with her lines to create spaces of conflicting characteristics. The result is elegant and finely worked areas of the plate, overlaid with rich spontaneous and subtle washes of color."

- Savannah Blake, California Art Week, review of Cabrillo College Show, September 1978

"Haber-Schaim's prints give a sense of expanding space and an effect that is both delicate and powerful."

- Soho 20 Gallery, exhibition catalogue, New York, NY, 1978
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